Investigators have disclosed that the existence of a fire was discussed in the cockpit of the EgyptAir Airbus A320 which crashed in the Mediterranean Sea in May.

The Egyptian civil aviation ministry says it has been synchronising the information from the aircraft’s cockpit-voice recorder with that from its flight-data recorder.

Flight-data recorder content, and an analysis of retrieved debris, had already pointed to a possible fire, consistent with preliminary data retrieved from automated air-ground communications relayed from flight MS804.

The ministry says the investigation committee into the 19 May crash has started analysing the conversation record from the cockpit prior to the onset of the crash sequence.

“Existence of a fire is mentioned,” says the ministry, but stresses that the inquiry has yet to establish the reason for its presence. The ministry has not specified the location of the fire.

It states that the inquiry is continuing to work on the recorders’ contents, as well as wreckage recovered from the site.

None of the 66 occupants on board the jet, which had been operating from Paris to Cairo, survived.

Source: Cirium Dashboard