The only European mobile aircraft cabin fire training facility, made by Dutch company Acaleph, is to be enhanced with more features.

The mobile facility is an 18m (59ft)-long container drawn by a Scania truck. The interior of the container holds a control room and a mock aircraft cabin with galley, toilet, seats and overhead bins. The vehicle can simulate three fires simultaneously, one in an overhead bin, one in the galley and one in a seat. The new enhancement is the addition of a toilet fire. The fires are remotely ignited using propane and can be augmented by smoke generators.

“We have three computers that control all the factors involved for complete safety. You can practise very realistic safety drills,” says Acaleph president Wil Nijsten. The facility has been used by clients in Belgium, Germany and Spain. The container conversion cost €200,000 ($245,000) and took 18 months to develop.


Source: Flight International