French company Aeronix has begun commercial production of its Airelle twin pusher multimission kitplane after four years of research and development. First deliveries of the 65hp (50kW) two-seat tandem-wing aircraft are to begin in August, while a handful of self-build versions have been delivered.

Aeronix chairman and chief executive Lionel Mauduit du Plessis says the Paris-based company has sold seven aircraft and has 80 options. It plans to manufacture up to 100 Airelles a year as the market for low-cost, low-maintenance utility kitplanes increases worldwide. The aircraft sells for €100,000-150,000 ($118,000-178,000) assembled or €60,000-100,000 in kit form.

Du Plessis says the twin-engined design allows the Airelle to operate safely and efficiently in roles such as border patrol, homeland security, aerial photography, fire and fishery observation. The aircraft has a cruise speed of 60-230km/h (32-124kt). Aeronix also plans to offer 75kW two- and four-seat versions.

Source: Flight International