Boeing 787 Dreamliner launch operator All Nippon Airways (ANA) and the airframer have completed pilot training in Seattle for the first crews who will operate the new aircraft.

Ten pilots operated flights on the first 787 flight test aircraft ZA001 over Washington state, said Boeing. "These initial crews to go through training are ANA's senior training pilots and check airmen and will conduct both simulator and airplane line training for ANA in Japan. They will be the first pilots on 787 commercial flights for ANA," it added.

The pilots are now fully qualified under Japanese regulations to operate the 787, said Boeing.

On 25 May, two base training flights were conducted with aircraft ZA001 with Boeing instructor pilots and ANA flight crew on board. Each ANA pilot performed approaches at Grant County International airport in Moses Lake, Washington.

"Activity included one instrument landing system (ILS) precision approach and two visual approach patterns per pilot, with touch-and-go landings," said Boeing.

The flights took place after a session in the 787 full-flight simulator, it added.

Boeing plans to deliver the first 787 to ANA in either August or September, following a simulation of revenue operations with the second flight test aircraft ZA002 in Japan in July.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news