Evans & Sutherland (E&S) has announced the first customers for its EPX-500 mid-range military visual system.

NLX has selected the PC-based EPX-500 to upgrade the US Air Force's Boeing B-52 weapon system trainers, and the Russian Ameis Group has ordered an EPX-500 for simulation demonstrations at its Moscow headquarters.

NLX has awarded E&S a $1.2 million contract for three visual systems, each with three out-the-window channels and three sensor channels. EPX-500 runs on the company's SimFusion PC-based image generator and comes standard with a whole-earth terrain model and three high-resolution insets.

Ameis, meanwhile, has also ordered an EP-1000CT commercial visual system from E&S to upgrade a simulator for a Russian-made military transport aircraft operated by a foreign customer.

Montreal-based Mechtronix Systems has ordered a 180° SEOS Panorama display for a Boeing 737-800 simulator under construction for the China Civil Aviation Flying College. The device, the company's first Level D full-flight simulator, is scheduled for delivery to the Guanghan-based flight school in the first quarter of next year.



Source: Flight International