Kevin O'Toole/LONDON

THE FIRST GENERAL Electric GE90-powered Boeing 777, is finally ready for its long awaited delivery to British Airways, after clearing certification on both sides of the Atlantic

The first BA aircraft was due to touch down at London Heathrow on 12 November, as the final approvals were put in place. The engine received US type certification on 3 November, with the Joint Airworthiness Authorities swiftly following suit with a recommendation for approval in Europe.

Certification of the engine aboard the aircraft followed on 9 November. The UK Civil Aviation Authority says that its earlier concerns over certification were satisfied by additional test results demanded by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

BA had been scheduled to take its first 777-200 in September, with another two, due by the end of the year. This schedule seems likely to be kept, despite the certification delays and a strike at Boeing. The three aircraft already built are awaiting engines at Seattle, according to the airline's chairman, Sir Colin Marshall.

Another two aircraft are due to arrive by March 1996, but it is not yet known whether they will be delayed by the strike.

Source: Flight International