Around 70% of the work promised to the Netherlands' aerospace industry in return for its Level 2 JSF participation is concentrated in five companies. Stork's Fokker business will supply all flight moveable doors and 25% of wiring harnesses, while Philips will share in the General Electric F136 alternate engine and Thales Netherlands in the avionics and possibly radar. Perot Systems Netherlands, Sun Electric and Fokker Space have linked in the PHM Consortium to develop prognostic health monitoring system. Stork business could amount to $10 billion, based on selling 6,000 aircraft for the US/UK and exports.

Further talks are now possible between Thales and Northrop Grumman for radar work, and between Lockheed Martin and Fokker Space, which is minority owned by Stork, for an on-board simulation system. General Electric and Philips are also in talks over the supply of a titanium nozzle and blisk production technology engine fan. SP, owned by RDM Technology and manufacturer of F16 landing gear, is also in the running to supply landing gear and tailhooks.

Source: Flight International