Five people died yesterday when two light aircraft collided in Coventry, Warwickshire, UK. 

A twin-engined Cessna 402, operated by local aerial surveying company Reconnaissance Ventures, collided with a microlight on approach to land at Coventry airport.

The microlight crashed into woodland near Coventry Road killing its pilot on impact. The Cessna crashed into Brandon Woods, killing all four occupants.

The Cessna was carrying four colleagues who were carrying out routine survey work for a private client. Three were fully qualified commercial pilots and the fourth was a technical engineer

Reconnaissance Ventures group managing director Colin Dennis told national newspaper, The Times, that the aircraft was in contact with air traffic control. "It was just one minute away from landing," he said.

Reconnaisance Ventures carries out surveys for the RAF and other clients and according to the UK Civil Aviation Authority, the company owns three Cessna 402 aircraft.




  was cleared to land by air traffic controllers  at Coventry where two light airplane collided earlier, killing five people

Source: Flight International