Boeing received a $2.5 billion foreign military sales order for 19 P-8 maritime patrol aircraft for the US Navy, Royal Air Force and Norway.

The USN is ordering 10 aircraft, the UK is ordering four aircraft and the government of Norway is ordering five aircraft.

Thus far, Boeing says it has delivered 78 P-8A Poseidons to the USN, eight to the Royal Australian Air Force, and eight P-8Is to India. The RAF is scheduled to receive its first aircraft by the end of 2019, says Boeing.


Royal Australian Air Force P-8A


The company is now on contract for 111 P-8s for the USN, 12 for the Royal Australian Air Force, nine for the UK’s Royal Air Force, five for Norway and four for the Indian navy.

The P-8 is a reinforced military version of the Boeing 737-800 and is primarily an anti-submarine patrol aircraft that can be equipped with sonar buoys and torpedoes.

However, Boeing is keen to emphasise that the maritime patrol aircraft can carry anti-ship missiles on hard points under its wings and can work as a search and rescue aircraft – versatility the company says makes the aircraft’s cost more justifiable to its customers.