Finance Leasing Company (FLC), Russia's second-largest aerospace lessor, has concluded several deals with CIS airlines for new-build aircraft, including Antonov An-38s and Tupolev Tu-214s.

Dalavia, the government-owned airline serving the Khabarovsk region, has clinched a long-expected deal with FLC for three more Tupolev Tu-214s. The new aircraft will be supplied by the KAPO plant in Kazan, Tatarstan, to supplement the airline's two similar aircraft.

The Aviadvigatel PS-90-powered aircraft is a longer range version of the Tu-204-100 built by Aviastar, with a 7,000kg (15,400lb) increase in maximum take-off weight. The first will be delivered in December, with the remainder following next year. FLC has also signed a contract with engine manufacturer PMZ for seven more PS-90As due for delivery this year and next.

Ukraine's Karpats International Airlines is acquiring three Antonov An-38-120 turboprops from FLC on a 10-year financial lease. The aircraft will fly on domestic services and on flights to Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Yugoslavia. The OMKB TVD-20-powered aircraft will be built by the Sukhoi-owned NAPO factory in Novosibirsk.

Source: Flight International