Airliner net orders came in at 127 in June, a high figure directly associated to the Paris Air Show where strong transaction activities traditionally occur. There were also a total of 20 cancellations and one swap. Narrowbody orders came in at 66, widebody at 12 while turboprops stood at 45 and regional jets at 24.

Qatar Airways ordered 20 Airbus A320s while Vietnam Airlines placed orders for 16 Airbus A321s. American Airlines ordered eight Boeing 737s and Malaysia’s AirAsia X ordered 10 Airbus A350s. The bulk of the cancellations in June came from Qantas with 15 Boeing 787s. In the regional market, Spanish carrier Air Nostrum ordered 15 CRJs and 10 ATR42s while UAE’s Global Aerospace Logistics ordered 10 DHC6s from Viking Air who has the exclusive right to manufacture the de Havilland Canada DHC-1 through DHC-7. Also, Air France swapped an A321 for a A320.

Airbus received a total of 59 orders for the month minus two cancellations. Boeing received 19 orders but suffered 18 cancellations. Bombardier received 25 orders, with 22 orders placed for ATR while Embraer received a total of nine.

There were 66 narrowbody orders for the month, of which 47 were for the A320 family aircraft. The 12 widebody orders for the month were for AirAsia X A350s and two A330s. The month of June was particularly significant for the regional market as 46 turboprops and 24 regional jets were placed. This is the largest monthly order for that sector in over a year.

Overall, the order backlog for airliners ended June at 8,059, the same figure to the previous month.

Headline figures for the size and shape of the world airliner fleet through to the start of May are detailed in the Commercial Fleet Report 2009, while a directory of financing deals struck on new aircraft over the last year is also available within the companion Aircraft Finance Report 2009.

Note: The analysis is on aircraft type basis and not on the end user application. For example, Boeing 737 figures might include BBJs. The Bombardier CRJ types are classified as part of the CRJ regional jet family.

Airliner current market view – net orders
Orders-Aug 2009

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