Russian investigators have disclosed that an Azur Air Boeing 757-200 experienced an in-flight upset with excessive pitch and roll while attempting to land at Antalya.

The aircraft, operating flight ZF5495 from Novosibirsk, conducted three aborted approaches to Antalya's runway 36C on 16 June.

At the time of the approaches, from around 08:15, the airport was subjected to heavy thunderstorm activity and rain, with gusts of up to 33kt.

Preliminary information from Russia's federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia states that the crew allowed the aircraft to exceed roll limits, banking by more than 40°, adding that the jet also pitched up to 39°.

During the incident the aircraft decelerated to 153.5kt without slat and flap deployment, presenting the potential risk of a stall.

It also exceeded by 12.5kt the airspeed limits for the 'flap 20' configuration, states Rosaviatsia.

The crew subsequently abandoned the attempt to land at Antalya and diverted to Dalaman.

Flight Fleets Analyzer lists the aircraft involved (VQ-BKF) as a Pratt & Whitney PW2000-powered airframe, manufactured in 1993.

It was formerly operated by carriers including Aeromexico and SunExpress before being transferred to Russian airline Utair and then to Azur Air – the brand used by operator Katekavia.

Source: Cirium Dashboard