Rolls-Royce is extending its inspection regime on Trent 1000 engines to include other models of the powerplant which may be affected by the blade durability issue.

While the analysis and examinations have focused on the Package C version of the Trent 1000, the manufacturer says it has found a "similar" issue with the intermediate pressure compressor on Package B engines.

The manufacturer is taking precautionary preventive measures to redesign specific parts in the Package B version as well as its latest Trent 1000 TEN engine.

Rolls-Royce's Package B version has been in service on Boeing 787s since 2012 and comprises 166 powerplants. The manufacturer states that the durability issue has been identified on a "small number" of high-life engines.

"We have therefore agreed with the relevant regulatory authorities, with concurrence from Boeing, to carry out a one-off inspection of our Trent 1000 Package B fleet," it says.

Rolls-Royce says this measure will "further inform our understanding" of the problems involved. It had originally said, when it broadened the extent of Package C checks in April, that neither the Package B nor the TEN would be affected.

But it now admits it is taking the "precautionary" measure of commencing redesign of specific components in the Package B model as well as the Trent 1000 TEN – which has not shown any durability problems, although the TEN engine fleet is young.

The European Aviation Safety Agency is to issue an airworthiness directive covering the extended Package B inspection regime.

"We anticipate there will be a limited impact on customer operations to enable this programme of one-off inspections to take place," says Rolls-Royce. "Engines will be inspected on-wing using existing techniques."

Civil aerospace president Chris Cholerton insists the company is "committed to eliminating" the durability problem from the Trent 1000 intermediate compressor. The company points out that it has "successfully" run a redesigned compressor for the Package C engine.

Source: Cirium Dashboard