Madrid Barajas airport's director is seeking information on a neglected 29-year old Boeing MD-87 parked at the Spanish hub.

In a formal notification to Spain's official state bulletin, Elena Mayoral Corcuera has informed that the aircraft is "in an obvious state of abandonment". It gives the registration as EC-KRV.

Flight Fleets Analyzer lists the aircraft as MSN49843, manufactured in 1990.

It last recorded the Pratt & Whitney JT8D-powered aircraft as being owned by Spanish carrier Saicus Air, which had emerged as a freighter operator from cargo airline Flyant following the collapse of its parent Futura International Airways.

The MD-87, configured for passenger transport, was originally delivered to Iberia and operated as EC-EZS, before being transferred to Pronair and subsequently to Saicus Air.

But it was in service with Saicus for only a matter of weeks in late 2010 when, according to Flight Fleets Analyzer, the company suspended operations. The parked aircraft was permanently retired, it adds, in mid-2015.

The state bulletin notification, dated 18 January, says that, under the country's air navigation law, three similar announcements for information concerning the jet will be published over the space of three months.

If no claim is received from the MD-87's owner within the subsequent 12 months, it says, the jet will legally be considered abandoned and will be submitted for public auction.

The bulletin refers to guidance in the navigation law, specifically section 137 which states that the discoverer of an abandoned aircraft is entitled to claim a share of its value.

Net proceeds from auctioning the aircraft will be conveyed to the state.

Source: Cirium Dashboard