Bombardier Flexjet expects to sign the 100th customer to its European fractional ownership programme next year. The client base, says Bombardier, consists mainly of European owners, although US Flexjet customers are programme shareholders.


Flexjet, the second largest fractional ownership programme after Executive Jet's NetJets, was extended to Europe in May last year, targeted initially at North American customers with interests on the continent. The programme was offered to European customers in September. The fleet consists of seven aircraft - two Learjet 31As, four Learjet 60s and a Challenger. Three aircraft will be added in October.

For tax and legal reasons customers in the European Flexjet scheme do not own shares in an aircraft but pay a refundable deposit on a share. To make up the shortfall, Bombardier charges higher monthly management and occupied flight hour fees compared with typical fractional schemes.

For a one-eighth share in a $6.3 million Learjet 31A, for example, customers will pay a deposit of $189,063, a monthly management fee of $20,226 and a fee of $1,894 per occupied flight hour. For this the customer can expect up to 100h annual utilisation and a guaranteed response time of 10h.

Flexjet Europe's operations are managed in Denmark by Bombardier aircraft distributor and charter operator Execujet Scandinavia, while marketing and sales efforts are administered from London Heathrow Airport.

Source: Flight International