Bombardier’s US fractional programme Flexjet is waiving ferry fees to and from Europe and Hawaii for owners of Challenger 300s and Challenger 604s. The move follows the February introduction of a waiver on Caribbean ferry fees and will save owners “thousands of dollars” in repositioning charges, the company says.

Ferry fees are incurred when an aircraft has to be repositioned to pick up, or after dropping off, an owner outside the contiguous USA. The waiver applies to all Challenger 604 share owners and is available to Challenger 300 owners who upgrade their contracts to the latest rates, says Flexjet.

For trips within Europe, Flexjet is also allowing US owners to use their hours for travel on Bombardier’s Skyjet International network of charter operators. An interchange ratio allows share owners to trade Flexjet hours for Skyjet hours on flights between locations in Europe at the fixed-rate pricing available to buyers of the company’s block-charter jet card.

Under the same interchange scheme, US Flexjet owners can also use Skyjet to fly in an expanded Middle East service region that includes parts of South West Asia. Like Flexjet, Skyjet International’s network of charter operators flies Bombardier aircraft.

Source: Flight International