Flight International online news 09:00GMT: Recovery specialists have retrieved the flight-data recorder from the Tuninter ATR 72 which crashed off the Sicilian coast earlier this month.

The recorder was recovered from deep water north of Palermo in the early hours of this morning, following the retrieval of the cockpit-voice recorder yesterday.

Investigation agency Agenzia Nazionale per la Sicurezza del Volo (ANSV) says both recorders appear to be in “satisfactory” condition and is optimistic they will provide crucial clues to the cause of the accident.

Both engines on the aircraft stopped separately while the aircraft was conducting a service between Bari and Djerba on 6 August. As the crew was attempting an emergency approach to Palermo on a single engine, loss of power from the second forced the ATR to ditch.

Efforts are still continuing to recover the remains of those on board the aircraft. Sixteen of the 39 on board are assumed to have been killed in the crash.


Source: Flight International