FLIGHT DYNAMICS plans to increase its dominance of the market for head-up displays (HUDs) on civil transports by certificating its system for Category III operations on five Boeing 737 models by mid-1999.

The schedule calls for certification of the 737-400 and -500 to Cat IIIa by the end of 1996, followed by Cat IIIb on the -400 by June 1997. Attention will then be focused on the new-generation 737 family, with Cat IIIa scheduled for September 1998 on the -700. The company also hopes to sign customers for the -600 and that the aircraft will gain its HUD Cat IIIa clearance in April 1999 and IIIb ticket four months later.

"We've already got a pretty good base, but we'd like to see more growth in areas like the 737," says Flight Dynamics president John Desmond. "We see the new 737 as a good opportunity, as we can offer Cat IIIa and IIIb in conjunction with automatic landing for those who want it."

The 737 schedule is part of the company's bid to maintain a claimed 70% market share against growing competition from Sextant Avionique, which was recently selected to fit its HUD system to 737s operated by French mail carrier Aeropostale.

Source: Flight International