What, No Sabres?

Special flights will probably be made over America's airways by an Avro Canada Jetliner, a Douglas F3D Skynight nightfighter and two North American B-45 Tornado bombers as part of a $1.4 million C.A.A. jet-aircraft test programme requested by President Truman. The President said that a number of aircraft will be extensively operated in order to collect needed information on jet operation and the associated problems of air safety and air-traffic control. The tests, scheduled to last until June 30th, 1953, will include 365 hours of operational tests with the Jetliner, 325 hours with the Skynight and 100 hours with the Tornadoes.

B.O.A.C. Wants Stewardesses

Stewardesses getting engaged or married at the rate of one a week have made it necessary for B.O.A.C. to seek replacements. More than 800 girls anxious to fill the gap have applied to the Corporation for employment, but less than three per cent of those interviewed have been finally accepted.

The Corporation still has a number of vacancies for British girls between the ages of 21 and 35, "of smart appearance and with a pleasing and well-developed personality". Stewardesses receive £5 17s 6d a week plus £2 a week flying pay when they begin full flying duties. Maximum salary is £7 7s 6d plus flying pay and out-of-pocket allowance when out of the United Kingdom.

They Like Nike

From Washington a Daily Telegraph correspondent writes that the U.S. Army will soon have a substantial stockpile of "Nike" anti-aircraft missiles; nearly a thousand, he says, should be available by the end of the year. So-called after the Greek goddess of victory, "Nike" is claimed to be able to track down and destroy enemy aircraft at distances up to ten miles.

Source: Flight International