New Life for Lancs

FIFTY-FOUR Lancasters are being supplied to the French Naval Air Arm, for anti-submarine operation from Western Union bases in North Africa. Of Mk I and 7 basic types, they are now being reconditioned and converted at A. V. Roe factories, and delivery has begun. The conversion of these bombers for naval reconnaissance involves the addition of much A.S.V. and other special equipment; long-range tanks are being fitted in the bomb-bays, and suspension is provided for air/sea rescue lifeboats.

Mig's objective

QUESTIONED recently as to the origin of the Mig-15, Gen. Vandenberg, U.S.A.F. Chief of Staff, said it was a short-range defensive interceptor possessing flight characteristics and armament which suggested it was designed primarily to combat high-altitude bombers. "In other words," he added, "the Russians' heavy investment in this plane demonstrated their awareness of the United States Strategic Air Command's powers."

BEA Continental Fares

When a night excursion fare of £10 10s. is introduced on the London-Paris route next April, B.E.A. will, for the first time, be able to undercut the second-class rail fare to the Continent. The Corporation states that the new rate, which is 30s. lower than the present off-peak excursion fare, has been made possible by the introduction of a new three-level grading for day and night travel. The cheapest night rate will apply to journeys between 2300 hr and 0715 hr. Normal daytime return rates (£15 19s.) will apply between 0900 and 1900, while during the evening (1900 to 2300) and early morning (0715 to 0900) an intermediate excursion rate of £12 15s. will be charged.

Korean Link Re-Opens

The South Korean Government is intending to open an air service between Pusan and Formosa as soon as Japan grants approval for the use of Haneda (Tokyo) airport as a stopping point for Korean aircraft. The Korean National Airline has already submitted to its government a programme detailing its proposed schedules. The Chinese Nationalist Ambassador to Pusan has expressed the opinion that his own government would welcome the project.

Source: Flight International