Flight International festive quiz 2020

Question 20 British Airways 747

The landing lights are on for Flight 2020 after the bumpiest journey any of us on board have experienced. Before we take-off again into the hopefully sunnier skies of 2021, it is time, as always, to reflect on the 12 months that was with our always popular festive quiz. How much attention have you paid to the news, grim though it has mostly been? Has lockdown stunted or sharpened your aircraft spotting skills? This is your chance to end 2020 on a high. There are 25 multiple choice questions. Score 20 or more and celebrate your status as a Total Aviation Person. If your tally is between 12 and 20, you are well on your way to your captain’s stripes. Get five to 11 right and a few more lessons in the simulator are required. Fewer than five and you are well and truly grounded – until December 2021 at least.

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