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Horses for courses

With regard to your article ‘Emirates chief rues lack of A380neo as SAS counterpart says too many widebodies built’ (, 7 April 2022), both can be right of course.

Emirates has the best long-haul aircraft ever built, the A380, when moving people once or twice per day between the international hubs. There will always be a long-haul market, and nobody needs to put on hourly flights when flying for 12 hours.

Emirates A380

Source: Abdul N Quraishi/Shutterstock

A380: the best choice for long-haul?

What you need on long-haul flights as a passenger is of course comfort – and for the operators, moving as many passengers as possible with as few aircraft as possible.

SAS is a regional carrier. For its mostly less than three-hour flights, the most important factor for passenger satisfaction is flexibility in departures. Fulfilling passenger demand for time flexibility is of course only done with smaller aircraft.

Bo Rosenkvist

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Wrong connection

Congratulations on the article ‘Hydrogen on the charge’ (Flight International, February 2022), but I would like to point out that Air Iceland Connect was integrated with Icelandair in March 2021, so it is in fact Icelandair’s fleet of Dash 8s.

Icelandair Dash 8

Source: Matasjauu/Wikimedia Commons

On brand: Icelandair Dash 8

We now operate the international and regional/domestic networks under the Icelandair brand.

Heida Gubrandsdottir

Deputy chief operating officer, Icelandair

Via email

Editor’s reply: Our apologies for this error, which was introduced at the image selection stage of our editorial process.

Tighten up

I have only got to page 7 of April’s magazine, but the errors detract from the serious narrative.

In Comment, you say Germany will increase defence spending by €100 million, but by page 7 you say it is €100 billion. And on page 6 you refer to “rubles” instead of roubles.

A bit of proof-reading wouldn’t go amiss.

Via email

Editor’s reply: Apologies for the inconsistency – €100 billion was the correct figure – and we will try even harder to prevent such errors from sneaking through.

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