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Powering propaganda

Regarding your Comment article ‘Putin’s progress’ (Flight International, October 2022): progress is a relative term. While I do not believe the Western media’s extreme portrayals of Russia as totally ineffective, inept, and helpless, I find Putin’s claims of total independence and “everything is going great!” even more specious pieces of propaganda.

The reality, on the other hand, is pretty clear: the probability that Russia has somehow come up with a way to totally secure a supply chain for volume production of airliners it could not produce even with access to Western supply chains, and at a speed that outpaces Airbus and Boeing, is laughable with any level of quality and safety of the product.

Aeroflot Superjet 100

Source: SturmUfa/Shutterstock

Aeroflot: buying local

This “progress” is posturing and propaganda, that is all. But that is the purpose: everyone (including Putin) knows this will never happen, but that is not the point. Pride and propaganda is.

Basit Mustafa

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Low profile

With the army and navy understandably having prominence in the magnificent pageantry that honoured the late Queen Elizabeth II at her funeral, it seems a shame that the Royal Air Force (RAF) was not given an opportunity to offer Her Majesty a specific salute on the day.

The RAF usually has a central role to play in state occasions of this kind if and it is rather a pity that four Typhoons or even the Red Arrows could not have been tasked with perhaps flying a ‘missing man’ formation while trailing black smoke, possibly over Wellington Arch as the first procession came to its end.

Bob Millichap

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