How did you get into aviation?

I have been intrigued by aviation since childhood, not just aircraft alone, but how the whole process of airports, airplanes and all that goes with the industry joins together. I studied IT and then 10 years ago I was fortunate enough to begin my career in aviation by managing a network-operating centre, which supported several private aviation networks. I then joined Satcom Direct and haven’t looked back as I’m embedded in an industry I really enjoy.

What is your working week like?

This is a hard question because as an SD product manager, I wear many hats, which also makes it such a great role. One day I may be analysing feedback from clients about what they find useful in SD Pro, the next will be using this information to consult with my team to create solutions built around the customers’ needs. There’s no point in designing something that nobody wants. Talking to our customers about their needs and translating that into functionality that is intuitive, reliable and workable sits at the heart of my working week.

What are your challenges?

Our customers’ demands vary immensely as no two aircraft operators have exactly the same needs. That is what drives our cutting-edge technology. However at times this can be challenging. It takes a lot of imagination and thinking outside the box to begin with a wish, a concept, and develop it into a reality that can then be adapted for multiple users. At the same time this is what gives us the edge, and is a challenge I really thrive on.

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What do you enjoy most?

I really do enjoy interacting with our customers, listening to their requests and finding solutions. Some may see it as stress when a seemingly impossible demand is presented, but I see it as motivation. The interaction and communication with the market is really inspiring and makes me think in ways I may not have otherwise.

How do you see technology changing flight operations?

Technology by its very nature is continuously changing and at SD we think change is good. It’s what drives innovation for us, and that is true of flight operations as a whole. The operational process is much more IP-based than before, and requires higher levels of IT understanding within the industry. Those working in the field must adapt to survive. To support this need SD has created the first Aero IT certification, which is validated by CompTIA. Once upon a time it would be the operations IT enthusiast that managed the onboard network, now it can be a certified technician. It’s just one example of how technology is dramatically changing the day-to-day aviation world. Technology is really at the forefront of aviation operations.

Looking to the future, what is next for Satcom Direct?

We always have to stay ahead of the game. At Satcom Direct we aim to lead and drive technology and revolutionise the aviation industry’s approach to operations. We will continue to develop our product range, add value to the existing portfolio and create new ones. My vision is that one day SD Pro will be “the Google of aviation”.

Source: Flight International