Dassault’s annual team-building exercise reached new heights this year with an ascent of Mt. Blanc - Europe’s highest peak at 4,810m (15,780ft).

And, to mark the moment in style, this Falcon 7X overflew the summit while the Dassault party and its guides were enjoying a short celebration before beginning their descent.

The Dassault Mt. Blanc ascent party included Flight journalists Dan Thisdell (Flight International News Editor) and Barbara Cockburn (Flightglobal Content Editor).

Dassault Falcon over Mt Blanc
Credit: Dan Thisdell

Falcon 7X captured overflying the summit of Mt. Blanc

Dassault Falcon over Mt Blanc pullout
Credit: Dan Thisdell

Meanwhile, Dassault remains tight lipped about the dimensions, construction and performance that will characterise its planned super mid-size SMS business jet, but Flight can confirm that the airframer’s flight control system development department has been working on the project for a month in tandem with the airframe engineers.

No project details will be revealed at the Farnborough air show next month, but Dassault Equipements in Argonay says the Rolls-Royce RB282-3-powered SMS will be the second Dassault civilian ket to feature its digital flight control (DFCS) system, following its flagship Falcon 7X.

Dassault claims to be unique among airframers in developing, manufacturing and supporting its own, proprietary flight control system, and regards DFCS as one of the company’s “jewels”, which enables it to take a lead role in projects like the European Neuron unmanned military aircraft project. DFCS for Falcon jets is a direct spin-off from Dassault’s military work.

The SMS was launched last July and may enter service in 2012. The aircraft will replace the Honeywell TFE731-powered Falcon 50EX at the bottom of the Dassault range.

Source: FlightGlobal.com