Single-point, ultra-discrete handling of ancillary services for airlines and aircraft operators is being offered by a newly established UK-based company,

Created as a wholly owned division of the Air Partner Group global charter company, specialises in arranging transport of people and cargo into sensitive areas with the “utmost diplomacy”, says head of operations Tim Lester.

He says that some customers today “are looking for a comprehensive service where the most difficult work is willingly undertaken alongside the straightforward, so all outsourcing can be through one secure house”.

Lester adds: “Some of the more sensitive operations need a lot of discretion. We’re capable of providing that through our worldwide government contacts.”

Work includes carriage of classified military payloads and transport of humanitarian cargoes into areas requiring diplomatic contacts to arrange clearances, permits and so on.

“We took cargo into Pakistan after the recent earthquake,” says Lester, “which meant we had to solve significant diplomatic issues between India and Pakistan.” He says is “small, dependable and flexible enough to respond quickly to difficult situations”.

The company also supports the 25,000 flights a year handled by London Gatwick airport-based Air Partner. The chairman of Air Partner, David Savile, says that in its first week, “made flights happen that would have not been possible the week before”.


Source: Flight International