A US firm is to flight test a flying-wing kitplane which could be offered as a certificated production aircraft. The five-seat Atlantica reseembles Boeing's blended wing body (BWB) transport in configuration, but is more similar to the German Horten Ho9 World War Two flying wing, says its designer, Wingco.

The 1,180kg (2,600lb) all-composite Atlantica is powered by a Czech LOM piston engine flat-rated to 200hp (150kW) and driving a three-blade pusher propeller. Designer Alan Shaw says the fixed gear and fixed-pitch propeller reduce insurance costs. Cruise speed is 220kt (407km/h) and range with two occupants 3,700km (2,000nm), he says. The cabin is pressurised to allow flight at altitudes up to 18,000ft (5,500m). The kitplane is offered with a ballistic recovery parachute system.

The BWB configuration was selected for its "buildability". The lower hull is preassembled. The kit is expected to take around 1,000h to build and cost around $100,000 when complete. Kit deliveries are scheduled for early next year, and certification may follow.

Source: Flight International