FLIGHT VISIONS' FV-2000 low-cost head-up display (HUD) has been certificated on the Gulfstream IV. The overhead-mounted HUD was installed and certificated by Lincoln, Nebraska-based Duncan Aviation on a DuPont owned GIV.

The $65,000 FV-2000 has also been certificated on the Cessna Citation II, in a glare-shield-mounted configuration. The HUD was installed and certificated by Moline, Illinois-based Elliot Aviation on a Deere-owned Citation II.

Deere and DuPont both cite safety reasons for installing the HUD. DuPont chief pilot Randy Richards says that the HUD will be "useful in spotting traffic in low visibility, when transitioning from [instrument to visual conditions], and for all approaches".

Duncan and Elliot now plan to offer HUD installations to other GIV and Citation operators, respectively.

Duncan Aviation is already scheduling eight-day installations at its Lincoln base and at Jet Aviation's site at Teterboro, New Jersey.

Source: Flight International