The second in a two part series of reports detailing the status of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been published by affilliate FlightBlogger.

The report details the preparations underway for commencing assembly of the first, and subsequent, production standard 787 Dreamliners.

Major supplier partners have delivered the majority key structural components and systems components to final assembly for Dreamliner Six. With these parts delivered, structural partners are, for the first time, able to focus resources solely on preparing production aircraft.

ANA 787

 © Boeing

Airplane seven, which is slated for delivery to  All Nippon Airways as  JA801A in February 2010, will be the first major engineering blockpoint for the 787 program adding significant weight savings for overall performance enhancement, though the first block one production aircraft are expected to be delivered over the target weight.

According to programme soruces, final assembly for airplane seven is expected to begin in the second quarter.

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