Mobilised Workforce and SAS Flight Support (Hall 1, C25) have come up with the Wireless Aviator, a device that enables the pilot to perform critical operational planning in the cockpit.

The device is housed in the Nokia 9210 and could mean that the familiar sight of pilots struggling with bulky flight bags becomes a thing of the past.

Company spokesman Ejvind Henriksen says: "We've been looking at a number of different devices but decided on the Nokia 9210, the first mobile platform with a good visual display.

"It removes the need to take cases or laptops into a cockpit, and it's a lot cheaper – about one-fifth the cost of a laptop."

The Wireless Aviator allows the pilot to make precise pre-flight calculations based on real-time data. It has the ability to download airport information remotely, responding to information given to it by the pilot.

The data it returns is highly accurate flight information which offers major safety benefits to the pilot and cost benefits to the airline company.

Source: Flight Daily News