Facing a long-haul flight and can’t stand the movie?

Here’s a chance to occupy your mind with Flight’s cryptic crossword. There’s a common aviation-related theme which connects a number of answers.

We will publish the solution next week.


Crossword: 29 September 2006



7. TCAS’ role: a new device to assist climb or descent (9)
8. At which aircraft are parked, some awaiting a test-flight (5)
10. Issued altitude warning during flight from Crete. Fabulous! (8)
11. That’s odd – Middle Eastern flag-carrier’s first half is flat (6)
12. Yemeni airport hide-out (4)
13. This currency’s not real!
15. Mount Rush, with an ‘R’ (7)
17. Division in charge of acknowledged excellence (7)
20. Ryanair urges institution to fund underserved locations, initially producing good results (8)
22. TAP rebranded? (4)
25. Big Bird returns and swallows poor Don. Big Bird! (6)
26. Hide weapon smuggled in by Key, the shade (8)
27. Canadian turboprop with excessive extended range (5)
28. Depart in a fluster; running around Greek airport, it could be fatal (9)


1. American to interline with United – typical! (5)
2. Frank and I, extremely cold, outside (6)
3. Average Chilean carrier connects both ends of Chile, in a manner of speaking (8)
4. Firm’s wine came from southern Russia (7)
5. Around the Spanish a gentle touch is insensitive (8)
6. Atmospheric phenomenon, weather-related, but not logical, I’d add (9)
9. What you’re missing if you’re listless before eating? (4)
14. Douglas’ partner in aviation! (9)
16. Comet was a legendary flying example! (8)
18. Tear open a crate from Lima (part of Peru) (8)
19. Make an impact introducing head of Lufthansa to a mate in Australia (7)
21. Figuratively speaking, it’s the last thing a pilot might buy (4)
23. Curt note: not as good as it used to be (6)
24. Indicated airspeed around Concorde tail-section schemes (5)

Source: Flight International