FLS Aerospace has received its first contract for the conversion of a Boeing 727 to cargo configuration, launching its participation in this market.

The Stansted, UK-based aircraft-maintenance company has received a contract from Dublin-based aircraft-management/leasing company European Capital/ Naabi, for the conversion of an ex-Continental Airlines Boeing 727-200 to freighter configuration. FLS will use the supplementary type certificate and conversion kit of Miami-based AEI (Aeronautical Engineers). A cargo-handling system will also be installed.

The aircraft is being returned to service after having been stored. FLS will also carry out a full D Check and install FedEx Aviation Services Stage 3 hushkits. The conversion and maintenance work are to be carried out at FLS' Stansted maintenance centre.

FLS says that the aircraft will be leased out to a "well-known UK cargo operator".

The company is confident that the deal marks the start of an important new market. "We see the potential for the European 727 freighter market growing significantly over the next few years," says marketing manager Graham Springthorpe.

Source: Flight International