FLS Aerospace took the second aircraft to enter its Formula One maintenance programme into the hangar on 23 July.

The Maersk Air Boeing 737 will undergo a D-check at the FLS Stansted site in just 18 days. Normally D-checks take upwards of 28 days.

Formula One is a project introduced by new president and chief executive Stephen Henderson to reduce aircraft maintenance check times, with the ultimate aim of halving them.

"FLS introduced the Formula One process to become the industry leader in terms of turn-times, and try to become significantly better than our competition," says Mary Mannion of FLS.

FLS is aiming to send out the invoice for the work when the aircraft is returned to the customer. This time-consuming task, bringing together the many small jobs that make up an aircraft maintenance check, can take up to six weeks.

The first aircraft was an Airtours DC-10-10 in May. The FLS facility in Manchester performed a C-check in 9.5 days. Its nearest competitor quoted a turnaround time of 12 days.

Source: Flight Daily News