Forged Metals (Hall 3, Stand A13) has come up with a novel way to escape traffic jams on the Peripherique with its very own flying motorcar.

Powered by a Pratt & Whitney engine, the company¹s classic Citroen Deux-Cheveaux has wings that can be folded away when the driver prefers driving to flying.


The project is a real departure for the company, whose day job is the supply seamless forged rings for gas-turbine engines. Customers include a host of major aerospace manufacturers, among them Rolls-Royce, Snecma and Pratt & Whitney.

"Exhibitors tend to be very serious so we wanted to do something that was a bit different and exciting," says Forged Metals industrial designer Gary Fraser. "Displaying something this unusual encourages people who may not know what we do to come and speak to us." This is the vehicle¹s second appearance at Paris and it certainly won¹t be its last. "We want to make it look a bit different for next Paris," says Gary. "A Stealth bomber perhaps."

Though the vehicle has been airborne three times it will remain firmly on the ground for the duration of the show.

Source: Flight Daily News