Flightglobal's operations and safety editor David Learmount tested the Boeing 787 simulator at Boeing UK Training and Flight Services near Gatwick, and gives his impressions:

"Today I 'flew' the 787 simulator for the first time, with no preparation. Capt Patrick Garrigan, lead flight instructor Boeing 787 training and flight services, was in the right hand seat doing the detailed work while I got to grips with the handling and the head-up display. All we did before take-off was set the speed bugs and discuss the attitude to select at rotate, then powered up and let the brakes off for a climb into a visual circuit followed by a go-around, then position for landing.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner simulator cockpit
 © Boeing

"The 787 is a dream to fly if this Thales simulator is anything to go by. And the simulator's fully electric six-axis motion system is about as good as motion systems get - much less lurchy and upsetting than traditional electro-hydraulic ones.

"The 787 feels civilised, predictable, stable, intuitive. And those HUDs never grabbed me before because I haven't used them much - but these did. Soon we'll wonder why we flew without them."

Source: Flight Daily News