The expansion of the mega-Gulf carriers has drawn a fresh round of criticism from some quarters in the European and North American sector, with calls for them to show restraint and for an end to the competitive advantage they gain over some of their rivals through access to export credit agency funding. But Arab carriers argue they are merely building on the model firmly established in the developed countries and are themselves critical that calls for restraint have come from those previously leading the charge for liberalisation.

 Emirates 777, ©Boeing

Airline Business has been looking at this issues at stake and asks if the venom behind European rivals' criticism of the Gulf carriers, is really aimed at the regulators?

  • Export credit under scrutiny  Work is already underway to revamp export credit agency funding rules, but an agreement still seems some way off.
  • Mixed messages on the Middle East The Gulf carriers want greater access to the Australian and Canadian markets. Are they being blocked or encouraged?
  • No turning back for Middle East carriers We get an Arab carrier perspective on the criticism and the state of the industry as the Arab Air Carriers Organisation met in Cairo.
  • The fear factor As the Gulf carriers once again face a barrage of accusations from their rivals, could the venom really be aimed at the regulators?

Source: Airline Business