FOKKER HAS SELECTED Rockwell-Collins' AVSAT-900 flight-management/global-positioning system (FMS/GPS) as standard on its JetLine series of regional aircraft. The Collins system will replace a Honeywell FMS in the Fokker 70 and 100, beginning with 1997 deliveries.

Fokker is the launch customer for Collins Commercial Avionics' AVSAT satellite-based avionics. The initial system will consist of an FMS and 12-channel GPS receiver, with hardware for later growth to include the wide-area augmentation system (WAAS) and local-area differential GPS (LADGPS).

Certification of the GPS-only system is due in August 1996 and will allow primary-means en route navigation and non-precision approach. The growth system will provide precision-approach capability, initially Category I, using WAAS or LADGPS, Collins indicates.

The AVSAT-900 FMS is based on Collins' FMS-4100, produced for the Canadair Regional Jet, repackaged with the GPS into an ARINC-standard box and with an airline-standard colour control/display unit in the cockpit. The basic FMS will provide lateral navigation, while vertical navigation and performance management will be enhanced in the growth system.

Source: Flight International