Dutch company in talks to help remarket more than 130 aircraft under joint venture

Fokker Services says it has been "amazed by the response" to its Future 100 initiative to revive interest in the Fokker 100, and is actively seeking additional maintenance capacity to support the programme.

The Future 100 programme was launched in February as a joint venture led by Fokker Services and Rolls-Royce to help remarket theR-R Tay-powered 100-seat twinjet, providing turnkey and "TotalCare" guaranteed maintenance cost packages (Flight International, 11-17 February). Fokker Services vice- president marketing and sales Erik Goedhart says that there are "serious negotiations" for over 130 aircraft with TotalCare packages.

Seventy of the 270 Fokker 100s worldwide are stored, and 70 more are earmarked for withdrawal over the next two years.

Forty of the idle aircraft are ex-US Airways, but 27 of these have either been, or are close to being placed. Germania has signed a deal for 17, and is in talks for two more. Other deals include two for Mexican regional Aerolineas Internacionales; four for a UK VIP customer; and two for a Spanish regional.

Meanwhile Montenegro Airlines has leased one ex-TAM aircraft and Irish start-up EUJet two - the latter having signed for the TotalCare package. Iran Asseman Airlines has taken three ex-Korean Air aircraft plus options on three more and is in discussions for the package.

According to Goedhart, the serious offers under discussion include 74 aircraft for European airlines; 33 in Asia; 10 for an Indian operator; six for South American and Caribbean carriers; and six for Libyan Arab Airlines. "Now we are seeking more overhaul capacity," he says.

The company's main facility is in Woensdrecht, the Netherlands, and it is to create two maintenance bays at its old plant at Amsterdam Schiphol. "Third-party suppliers in Europe are being considered," says Goedhart, as are facilities in South-East Asia and South America.

Meanwhile, the "Future 50" initiative for the Fokker 50 turboprop with Pratt & Whitney Canada will be launched in May.

Source: Flight International