Found Aircraft Canada is bringing the Bush Hawk utility aircraft back into production after receiving a production certificate from Transport Canada. Found has moved into a new plant at Perry Sound Airport, near Toronto, and plans to fly the first production aircraft next month.

The Bush Hawk is a 1960s'-vintage all-metal, high-wing, piston single, which has been upgraded and returned to production by Found to meet perceived demand for a simple, rugged, bush aircraft. US certification is expected to be reinstated this month. Found expects to reach a production rate of one aircraft a month by June.

An amphibious version will be available, with a prototype to be flight tested with Aerocet 3500 floats. Found says that, with a 195kW (260hp) Textron Lycoming IO-540 engine, the float-equipped aircraft will lift off in 30s at maximum gross weight, with a 545kg (1,200lb) disposable load. Over 60 spin tests have been completed with the float-equipped Bush Hawk, Found says.

Source: Flight International