RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT has selected FlightSafety, Hughes, Loral and McDonnell Douglas as qualified bidders for the ground element of the US Air Force/ Navy Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS).

Bidders will receive a draft request for proposals (RFP) and initial data on Raytheon's Beech MkII JPATS trainer.

Raytheon is conducting the competition for the JPATS ground-based training system and plans to issue a final RFP in April-May. Selections are due late this year.

If the USAF and USN concur with Raytheon's choice, a contract will be awarded early in 1997, to supply flight simulators, procedure trainers, courseware, training-management system and logistic support. Raytheon is under contract to build up to 711 Beech MkIIs.

Source: Flight International