Argentina is to install a dual use civil air traffic control and military airspace surveillance system in a deal potentially worth $430 million. Four teams are expected to submit bids in mid-April, leading to a contract award by the end of May.

Alenia, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and Thomson-CSF are vying for the contract, which will include a nationwide network of some 22 civil primary and secondary surveillance radars and military fixed and mobile air defence radars. Data from all radars will be consolidated at dual use surveillance and control centres.

The initial phase of the programme is budgeted at $185 million, and covers the central and northern parts of Argentina. The programme is to be completed within 30 months, say bidders.

Several airspace system modernisation efforts are under way in Latin America. Raytheon is upgrading Brazil's airspace management system under the SIVAM Amazon surveillance programme. New air traffic control radars and automation systems are being installed in Mexico, El Salvador, Peru and Chile. A competition is under way in Guatemala, and another is pending in Venezuela. Bolivia, Colombia and Paraguay are next in line, bidders say.

Source: Flight International