Mark Hannant

Gulfstream announced at the show the delivery of a Gulfstream V aircraft for use by the Department of Defence regional commander-in-chief support mission.

The acquisition brings to four the number of Gulfstream Vs (designated C-37A by the US military) in US Government service.

The US Air Force has two of the ultra-long range business jets in operation. A third is in use by the US Army. These are used to transport cabinet members, members of Congress and senior government officials.

Announcing this latest delivery Monroe Sams, vice-president, government sales and marketing says: "We are proud that the Gulfstream V is entering service for another important government role.

"The aircraft provides extraordinary performance and reliability and represents a major cost-saving over the older, less-efficient aircraft it is replacing. The aircraft provides a private and efficient working environment for our military leaders to and from worldwide theatres of operation."

Sams is confident that the Gulfstream V is bringing dramatically reduced operating and support costs. The communication suite also ensures secure and reliable voice and data transmission anywhere in the world - a fact that makes not only the US Government feel at ease but explains why Gulfstream aircraft have become fixtures in the fleets of more than 30 governments and military services worldwide.

Two more Gulfstream Vs will be delivered to the US Government later this year and will be deployed for counter terrorism and disaster response missions.

Source: Flight Daily News