Boeing has stopped charging for the use of its Connexion by Boeing in-flight broadband Internet offering ahead of the full termination of the services at the end of the year.

Airlines have begun informing customers that the services have been free since 2 October and Boeing says it will remain that way until 31 December. Boeing confirms that the services are now free on all Connexion-equipped aircraft.

“Connexion by Boeing has advised all of its airline customers that we will not be charging consumers for the Connexion by Boeing service as it is phased out,” says the company.

“For all commercial airline customers, service will no longer be available after 31 December although individual airlines may choose to suspend the service on their airplanes prior to that date.”

Boeing announced in August that it would be closing its Connexion division and exiting the in-flight broadband communications market due to a lack of demand.

Eleven airlines have been offering the service.