Flying Robots celebrates two firsts this month - its first anniversary and its exhibition début at the Paris airshow. The Strasbourg-based company specialises in the design, production, and distribution of its recently-introduced and revolutionary UAV FR101 drone.

Flying Robots UAVThe FR101 is the world's first parasail-based, fully automatic and autonomic drone, designed for reliability, efficiency and simplicity. Primarily contracted for government surveillance and civil protection purposes, the FR101 carries a maximum payload of 250kg (550 lb), can remain airborne up to 40h and travel more than 800km (430nm).

It is equipped with numerous active and passive safety devices, such as a parasail to ensure a gentle landing, extensive on-board electronics, soft monitoring, radio interference protection, signal loss management, and a backup parachute. In addition, the FR101 is straightforward in operation and requires minimal maintenance.

The FR101 comes in three variants. The v1, the original drone, which can be flown with or without a pilot, features real-time video and radio links to the ground station. The v2 is an ultra-light motorised (ULM) aircraft with ground data linkage, while the v3 is a more basic ULM with no inter-communication devices.

Flying Robots also produces a series of smaller UAVs, all based on the same autopilot system: the FRA1, FRA2, and FRA3 multi-mission aircraft, which can be assembled in 20min and flown for up to 5h.

Visitors can see a demonstration flight of the UAV FR101 daily at the Flying Robots stand. An oversized screen will broadcast the aerial view transmitted from the UAV via an AGILE (Airborne Gyrostabilised IR Light Equipment) link.

Source: Flight Daily News