Three new potential buyers have lodged bids for French regional airline Air Littoral, which went into receivership on 21 August and is under court observation for six months (Flight International, 2-8 September), taking the total of interested parties to five. French insurance company NGFI and start-up Danavia lodged bids in September.

BWA is a Mauritian company which would take over Air Littoral and its subsidiaries, but Air Littoral says BWA has not yet provided any proof that it has the funds to do so.

Seven group, an Italian investment fund which belongs to Azzurra Air, has made an offer to take over its 17 Bombardier CRJ100s and 338 employees and has supplied proof that it has the money to do so. The offer, which is conditional on an overall cost-cutting plan, could be completed by transferring Air Littoral's five Fokker 70s and seven ATR 42-500s to other operators.

A third candidate, a European investment fund that wishes to remain anonymous until it has time to finalise its offer and provide proof of adequate funds this week, has a takeover plan "largely similar to the Seven group", says Air Littoral.

Meanwhile, TAT Industries and SLM3D have confirmed their takeover offers for Air Littoral Industrie on its own, while a third offer was submitted last week by an Air Littoral Industrie management team.

Source: Flight International