FlightSafety International's (FSI) expansion of its Level D-approved simulator fleet is continuing apace, with the certification of three more machines to the highest recognised training standard. Six have been certificated to Level D since the beginning of the year, and more are in the approval process, says FSI.

The US training company operates mainly Level C-approved simulators for business and regional aircraft and helicopters, but has embarked on a project to embrace higher- fidelity Level D standards by building new machines and upgrading existing devices.

FSI-built full-flight simulators for the Cessna Citation Bravo, Dassault Falcon 2000 and Gulfstream V business jets have all received Level D approval in the last month. The Bravo machine is located at FSI's Citation learning centre in Wichita, Kansas; the Falcon 2000 at the Le Bourget, Paris, training centre and the GV at the Savannah, Georgia, centre adjacent to the Gulfstream plant.

FSI has expanded its Toledo, Ohio, centre with two more full-flight simulators, for the Citation V Ultra and Raytheon Beech King Air 200. The King Air machine is certificated to Level D, and the Citation device to Level C.

Source: Flight International