FLIGHTSAFETY International's (FSI) first Boeing 777 full-flight simulator has received Level C training approval. The FSI-built simulator is now in service at the company's Seattle training centre. A second 777 full-flight simulator is now being built by FSI's Simulation Systems division for delivery to Malaysian Airlines in the second quarter of 1998.

The 777 machine is the latest example of FSI's new Millennium flight-simulator design. As well as an improved external appearance, this design has a 225í-wide MultiView display for the Vital ChromaView visual system. It also has a forward-facing instructor's station using Microsoft's Windows NT operating system.

The 777 simulator includes a fully functioning maintenance access terminal, which provides technicians with a record of systems operation and aircraft health. FSI expects the Seattle simulator to receive Level D training approval during 1997, after Boeing releases the required data package.

Source: Flight International