Checks at Moscow Vnukovo Airport show no evidence of problems with the fuel used to supply the Tupolev Tu-154 which suffered multiple engine failure and crashed at Moscow Domodedovo yesterday.

The airport's operator states that it has conducted a "full examination" of the fuel used for flight 372 to Makhachkala.

"This review indicated full compliance with all required fuel quality standards," says the operator.

"No deviations from the [official state standard] have been identified."

Vnukovo's operator also points out that "several" other aircraft were refuelled from the same source, adding: "Other aircraft which took on board the fuel landed at their destination airports."

Flight 372 landed at Vnukovo following a service from Makhachkala, Dagestan, at 12:23 yesterday, and was subsequently prepared for the return service.

It departed at 14:07 but, at a distance of 80km (40nm) from Domodedovo Airport the crew informed of a serial failure in the Tu-154's three engines.

The crew requested an emergency landing at Domodedovo. During the landing, which took place at 14:36, it ran off the runway and broke up, coming to rest with substantial damage to the airframe.

Russia's Interstate Aviation Committee has opened an inquiry into the crash which claimed two lives from among the 169 passengers and crew on board.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news