FPT Industries has developed a highly mobile, total fuel and logistics support vehicle designed to support helicopters and very short take-off and landing (VSTOL) aircraft in the field.

FPT, part of GKN Aerospace Services, says the FuelCat will replace a range of static forward air refuelling storage and pumping equipment currently required to support a helicopter fleet deployed in remote locations.

FuelCat is designed to be a single compact air transportable solution and is based on the proven ‘Supacat' six-wheel drive utility vehicle already in service with the UK MoD. Each FuelCat is capable of supporting three Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopters dispersed into remote hides.


FuelCat is equipped with a 1,600-litre fuel delivery tank, fuel booster pump, filtration equipment, auxiliary power supply unit and pressure fuel starter for gas turbine engines.

The vehicle is also capable of towing an extra 2,000 litres in the form of an air-portable fuel container and can be equipped with an on-board crane to assist with maintenance operations such as rotor blade removal.

Mark Parsons, senior sales engineer with FPT Industries, says: "In modern warfare, mobility and speed are critical. The FuelCat brings these qualities to the support of rotary-wing and VSTOL aircraft in the field for the first time. It will undoubtedly revolutionise this activity in future attack helicopter operations."

Source: Flight Daily News