FUJI HEAVY Industries of Japan is studying an advanced-technology business jet to rival Raytheon's low-cost Premier I entry-level aircraft.

The FNJ, or Fuji New Business Jet, is a five-passenger, canard-configured design with a forward swept wing with a span of 10.4m. The aircraft would incorporate composite materials and an advanced flight-control system which could be "either fly-by-wire or even fly-by-light", says Fuji.

Fuji says that although it is in the early study stages, "-our target is a cheaper aircraft that is similar to the Premier I. It would be capable of ranges of around 1,500nm [2,780km], making it able to fly from Los Angeles to Chicago."

The company says that it will probably seek partners if it decides to proceed with the programme, which it describes as "-a very difficult project".

Source: Flight International